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Every visitor who comes for the first time in Zagoria villages has to take some routes to admire the wonderful landscape, the special architecture and the magnificent nature in all its glory. We recommend tours, knowing our place and adorable images that should not be missed.

“Dovra” Hotel - Elati - Dikorfo (8km)

 From Dikorfo, you have a spectacular view to all the Zagoria villages.
“Dovra” Hotel - to the top of Mitsikeli mountain (5km)

 Heading to the top of Mitsikeli mountain, you can collect herbs, wild mushrooms and origan.
“Dovra” Hotel - Dikorfo - Manassi - Kalouta (13km)

 If you complete the entire route, you will reach Metsovo for horse riding, winter sports and taste the traditional local dishes.
“Dovra” Hotel - Dilofo - Kipi - Negades - Fragades (25km)

 The route continues from Leptokarya-Doliani and ends at Metsovo. A route through the woods.
“Dovra” Hotel - Koukouli - Kapeshovo - Vradeto (17km)

 Magnificent view to Beloi and Vikos Canyon from that point.

“Dovra” Hotel - Kapeshovo - Tsepelovo - Giftokampos - Eliochori - Vrissochori (50km)

 See the traditional Sarakatsani Sheepfolds and discover the habits and lifestyle of a bygone era.
“Dovra” Hotel - Vitsa - Monodendri (7km)

 Experience the breathtaking view to Vikos Canyon from that point.
“Dovra” Hotel - Kato Pedina  - Aristi - Megalo Papigo - Mikro Papigo (30km)

 Enjoy the view to Vikos Canyon and Voidomatis River and visit the traditional little chapel at the river's springs.
“Dovra” Hotel - Kato Pedina  - Kalpaki - Konitsa (30km)

 Escape your routine with activities and winter sports such as rafting-kayak, monokraft, hotdog, trekking, and mountain bike.
“Dovra” Hotel - Kato Pedina -  Kalpaki (35km)

 In Kalpaki you can visit the monument of “Ochi” World War-II.
“Dovra” Hotel - Ioannina (26km)

 Visit the beautiful city of Ioannina, at the shore of Pamvotis lake with the small island and Vrellis Wax Work Museum.
“Dovra” Hotel - Kato Pedina  - Elafotopos (10km)
“Dovra” Hotel - Ioannina - Dodoni (45km)

 Visit the ancient theatre of Dodoni
“Dovra” Hotel - Vassilitsa Winter Ski Resort (117km)

 Enjoy unforgettable moments with popular winter sports.

Ideal routes for hiking:

  • Elati - Dikorfo
  • To the top of Mitsikeli mountain 


Tours by car:

  • Dikorfo - Manassi - Kalouta
  • Dilofo - Kipi - Negades - Fragades
  • Koukouli - Kapeshovo - Vradeto
  • Kapeshovo - Tsepelovo - Giftokampos - Eliochori - Vrissochori
  • Vitsa - Monodendri
  • Kato Pedina  - Aristi - Megalo Papigo - Mikro Papigo
  • Kato Pedina  - Kalpaki - Konitsa
  • Kato Pedina - Kalpaki
  • Ioannina
  • Kato Pedina  - Elafotopos
  • Ioannina - Dodoni
  • Vassilitsa winter ski resort